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Teresa Urrea ( 1873 - 1906 )  Category ( Historical_Figures ) [suggest a correction]

Teresa Urrea was born in 1873. While she would never become one of those historical figures like Robert E. Lee or Helen Keller, her importance is still embedded in US History and her impact on historical events is still felt today.

Urrea was well known for her healing abilities. She is believed to have been very instrumental in provoking early movements against Porfirio Diaz and she was widely known as "La de Cabora."

Teresa Urrea was well respected and widely known for being more than a bit compassionate for those who were less fortunate. From 1896 until 1898, Urrea was often compared to Joan of Arc recognized for her healing abilities and her goddess-like qualities. She was considered a revolutionary.

Teresa Urrea was so widely recognized that many people would come to her home and anticipate being healed by Urrea. However, not everyone was equally impressed by Teresa Urrea.

She would endure many threats including death threats by Diaz sympathizers. She would be strongly warned by the Catholic Church members and eventually would leave El Paso to move throughout the country on her healing tour where she would continue to promote revolutionary causes.

Urrea continued her healing practices for most of her life. She died in Arizona in 1906.

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