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Randall A. Terry ( 1959 - )  Category ( Musicians ) [suggest a correction]

Randall TerryAlthough Randall Terry is a musician, he is most well-known for his role as a Christian activist who has taken an anti-abortion stance. He also is known for his role as spokesman for the parents of Terri Schiavo, a woman who collapsed in her home and experienced respiratory and cardiac arrest on February 25, 1990, resulting in extensive brain damage, a diagnosis of persistent vegetative state (PVS) and 15 years of institutionalization. Terry, founder of the anti-abortion group Operation Rescue and the Society for Truth and Justice, is a colorful political conservative who has been arrested more than 40 times, most recently for protesting the 2009 commencement visit at the University of Notre Dame by President Barack Obama.

It has recently been brought to the public's attention that Terry's anti-abortion activities have been anything but peaceful. In an April 22, 2004, Washington Post article, staff writer Michael Powell summarized some of Terry's anti-abortion actions:

In 1988, Terry and his legions started standing in front of local abortion clinics, screaming and pleading with pregnant women to turn away. They tossed their bodies against car doors to keep abortion patients from getting out. They waved crucifixes and screamed "Mommy, Mommy" at the women. When Terry commanded, hundreds went jellyfish-limp and blockaded the "death clinics."

In 1989, a "Holy Week of Rescue" shut down a family planning clinic in Los Angeles. More than 40,000 people were arrested in these demonstrations over four years. Subtlety wasn't Terry's thing -- he described Planned Parenthood's founder, Margaret Sanger, as a "whore" and an "adulteress" and arranged to have a dead fetus presented to Bill Clinton at the 1992 Democratic National Convention.

In March 1988, Randall Terry took in three troubled foster childen ages 3, 8 and 12. He adopted them seven years later. In 2000, Terry divorced his wife of 19 years and married Andrea Kollmorgen. Both of Terry's adopted daughters became pregnant outside of marriage and one later converted to Islam. In 2004, Terry's son Jamiel Terry, the middle child who had been born in jail, publicly announced that he was a homosexual and wrote an article for Out Magazine for which he was paid $2,500. Terry contends much of the article was written by other people and most of the statements purported to be facts in the article were untrue. Terry promptly disowned his son and claimed that he had "prostituted" the family name. He attributed Jamiel's sexuality to his biological mother, saying that she was a prostitute.

According to the February 12, 2000, Washington Post report, Terry was censured by his church, the Landmark Church of Binghamton, New York, for a "pattern of repeated and sinful relationships and conversations with both single and married women." Terry denies the accusation. In 2005, Terry formally converted to Roman Catholicism.


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