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Robert E. Lee ( 1807 - 1870 )  Category ( Historical_Figures ) [suggest a correction]

He was a man that everyone during his era had seemingly heard of and one of the most well respected generals of the Confederate army. During the Civil War and all battles leading up to it, Robert E. Lee was feared.

Robert E. Lee was born in 1807 in Virginia. His father was a war hero in the Revolutionary War. Lee's mother was from an affluent family and she grew up at the Shirley Plantation which was considered one of the more remarkable homes in that era. Lee's great-great grandfather was a man who had acquired unmatched wealth in the colonies. Lee's family had well regarded and well guarded respect.

Lee emerged as a hero during the Civil War because he was able to ward off Union forces for nearly three years protecting his homeland of Virginia. Lee had graduated from a military academy in 1829 and immediately served in Georgia, Virginia and New York on what was called "engineering" projects.

In 1859, Lee was called upon to become a true leader. He was asked to take forces to Harper's Ferry where he would ultimately stop John Brown's raid. He succeeded and soon his name went hand in hand with small victories whenever the militia was needed and led by Robert E. Lee.

In 1862, he was the advisor to the President. He gained power and influence and was instrumental in military advisement. He was particularly interested in Stonewall Jackson's Shenandoah Valley operations. Soon, Lee was the commanding officer of what was dubbed as the Army of Northern Virginia.

Lee led his troops through the Seven Days Battles and even though his battle was lost, he was able to keep the opposition out of Richmond which had been his ultimate goal. Since this was viewed by many as a victory, Lee became widely recognized as "Uncle Robert" and he was held in high regard.

Lee's victories included a small one at Fredericksburg and then a seemingly huge one at Chancellorsville. However, he suffered massive loss at Gettysburg. It was during this time that he became known as the "Ace of Spades" Lee because of his tireless fight against Grant.

Lee eventually retired as a paroled prisoner of war. He did, in fact, lead a lost cause but yet remained hailed as a Confederate general. In his later years, he was the president of what is now Washington and Lee College in Lexington, Virginia.

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Title :From Revolution to Reconstruction: Biographies: Richard Henry Lee
Description : USA-project, biographies-area, biographical data on Richard Henry Lee (1732 - 1794)
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