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Erin Pac ( 1980 - )  Category ( Sports_Figures ) [suggest a correction]

Erin PacErin Pac is an American bobsledder and Olympic medalist. Born in Farmington, Connecticut.  She won two medals in the mixed bobsleigh-skeleton team event at the FIBT World Championships with a silver in 2007 and a bronze in 2008.

Pac began competitive bobsledding in 2002, when she was a junior at Springfield College. In 2003 she received the Bachelor's of Science in Rehabilitation and Disability Studies, with a concentration in rehabilitation counseling. She also was a member of the college track and field team.

While she was still at Springfield, her track coach suggested she try out for the USA women's bobsled team. Along with her parents, Pac traveled to Boston, where she was tested in the 30 and 60 meter sprints, shot toss, vertical jump, and five hops for distance. Her test results were impressive, and so Pac was invited to Lake Placid, New York, where she pushed bobsleds on wheels.

Having successfully crossed that hurdle, she was selected for the national team. According to Pac, her senior year of college presented additional, unique challenges. She still had to study, but she spent that year "traveling all over the world competing as a brakeman..." The year 2005 brought additional success, when Pac was recognized along with the US Women's Bobsled Team as the USOC Team of the Month. Later that year Pac attended a bobsled driving school in Austria. Just one year later she debuted at the World Cup Championship, finishing a strong eighth.

The following season, 2008-09 she finished with a world ranking of seventh, placing second in US competition. It was announced on 16 January 2010 that she made the US team for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Pac and brake-woman Elana Meyers won the bronze medal in the Two-Woman Bobsled Event on February 24, 2010. Their first run had a time of 53.28. They ran 53.05 in the second run. Their third and fourth run timed in at 53.29 and 53.78 respectively for a total of 3:33.40, 1.12 off the gold medal pace.  Regarding her Vancouver Olympic win, Pac stated that "It hasn't really sunk in. I think once we get to the medal ceremony and we have our medals around our necks and we actually get to see it, then I think it will be more real for us. Going up the out run I already started crying but I couldn't get my helmet off so it's alright no one could see me. It's been a long journey and this means more to us than people really know."

Like many Olympic athletes, Pac is always searching for funding and sponsorship. Her official website states that Pac loves to cook, and would love to open up her own breakfast/lunch bistro someday. She loves sweet potato fries, music by Jeremy Camp, the color pink, and her favorite movies are The Notebook and Serendipity. A self-proclaimed homebody, Pac enjoys watching movies, swimming and hosting barbecues with her friends.

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