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Hannah Kearney ( 1986 - )  Category ( Sports_Figures ) [suggest a correction]

Hannah KearneyHannah Kearney is an Olympic Gold Medalist, winning at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics for Mogul, a type of free-style skiing.

Born and raised in New Hampshire, Kearney's parents are college sweethearts who met when they attended McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. She also played on state championship high school soccer and track teams. She came to skiing very early; her parents put her on tiny skis at age two. She developed her skills and style through the Ford Sayre program, then switched to Nick Preston's Black and Blue Trail Smashers Team. She won two competitions her first year as a competitive skier and was the 2005 Moguls World Champion, winning when she was just seventeen years old. She currently holds a World Cup moguls title.

According to her former coach, Don St. Pierre, "Hannah's always performed at the highest level, and it's continued with us. Look at her soccer -- the quickness, the good balance, look at her moves and she can copy-cat that into what it takes to make a good mogul turn. There's a lot of cross-over." Kearney is also a musician; when she was in high school she played trumpet for the school jazz band.

She has stated that her hobbies include riding horses, knitting, cooking, soccer, reading and watching her brother play hockey. During recovery for an injury sustained in 2007, Kearney adopted and cared for a dog whose elderly owner could no longer care for it. She is a self-styled "half-Canadian," since her mother grew up in Montreal and the family has relations that live in Vancouver.

Kearney describes herself as "just one member of a sports-oriented family." Her mother is the recreation director for the city of Norwich. Her brother Denny is a successful hockey player and former baseball player. Kearney brings along comforting reminders of home on her frequent travel dates, including family and friends' photos and knitting supplies. She prefers participating in sports to watching them on TV or as a spectator. Fried Green Tomatoes, she says, is her long time favorite film.

Kearney maintains a blog describing her professional activities, travel, and thoughts on day to day concerns. She expressed delight during her travel to Finland for Olympic trials, as she was able to visit Lapland, traditional home of the legendary Santa Claus and the world's most northern McDonalds. She crossed the arctic circle as well.

Asked what she likes best about Mogul skiing, Kearney answered that "the feeling when you cross the finish line after you've skied the best mogul run you can, is unbeatable.  To navigate ones way, cleanly, directly and quickly through a field of moguls with two breaks to fly through the air and execute difficult tricks is incredibly difficult.  This fact and all the training that goes into our sport makes it hugely satisfying to lay down an outstanding performance."

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