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David Cameron ( 1966 - )  Category ( Political_Leaders ) [suggest a correction]

David CameronDavid Cameron assumed the office of Prime Minister for the United Kingdom in May of 2010. He was born in London to Ian Donald Cameron and Mary Fleur Mount Cameron. His father, Ian, was a stockbroker, who had endured a lifetime of operations to correct leg deformities. His mother, Mary, is a retired Justice of the peace and daughter of Sir William Mount. Cameron has one brother and two sisters.

The family is a member of the ancient Scottish Clan Cameron, of the Scottish Highlands. He is also a direct descendant of King William IV (who preceded Queen Victoria), through the king's mistress, Dorothea Jordan. The family has a lengthy and successful history in the field of finance. Cameron was educated at the Heatherdown Preparatory School, then Eton College for high school. Eton is known as "the chief nurse of England's statesmen."

Matters of state were not of much interest to the young Cameron. He expressed a talent for art, and was troubled as a teenager. He was once nearly expelled for having been caught smoking marijuana. However, he finished high school with O and A-levels. After a gap year, wherein he got his first taste of politics by working as a researcher for a conservative politician, he enrolled at Oxford. At Brasenose College, Oxford, he read for a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy, politics, and economics (PPE). He was described by his tutor as "one of the ablest" students he had taught.

Upon graduation he went to work for the Conservative Research Department, then later worked closely with the John Major administration Upon the return of the Conservatives prominence in politics, Cameron was promoted to Special Advisor to the Chancellor of the Exchequer. In 2000, he was elected to Parliament, serving as a member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee. This was a major appointment for someone new to Parliament.

In 2005, when the leader of the Conservative Party decided to step down, Cameron announced that he would be a candidate for the vacant position. He gathered powerful support, and made an impassioned, memorable speech, but he still came in second. Nonetheless, he was making a name for himself and people would remember him. In the next stage of balloting he came out on top, becoming the new Conservative leader, and new member of the Privy Council. Indeed, in 2008, he appeared on the cover of the American magazine, Time, with the headline: "Prime Minister in Waiting."

When Gordon Brown resigned as Prime Minister in May 2010, he recommended, along with Queen Elizabeth II, for Cameron to form a government. At age forty-three, Cameron became the youngest British Prime Minister since 1812. Upon his acceptance, he announced that he would form a coalition government, the first since World War II.

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