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Michael Faraday ( 1791 - 1867 )  Category ( Scientists ) [suggest a correction]

Michael FaradayBorn in 1791, by the time Michael Faraday was fourteen years old; he was working with a London bookbinder on an apprenticeship. While working there, he began to read everything he could. He was especially fond of books with a scientific focus. Soon, he wrote to Sir Humphry Davy asking for employment at the Royal Institution.

Faraday was appointed to the Royal Institution by 1813 where he was able to work as an analytical chemist. It was there that Faraday trained as a laboratory assistant for work that would later enable him to earn the title and the respect as one of the "true pioneers of science" due to his discoveries.

Michael Faraday's greatest work was with electricity. In 1831, his innovative discovery of the "induction ring" laid the groundwork for scientists from around the world to learn more about his electrical experiments and discoveries.

In 1832, Faraday was able to show various experiments within the realm of static electricity. His work with electrochemistry would lay the foundation for more scientific knowledge within the discipline.

Michael Faraday's ability to advance electrochemistry technology earned him mention in various articles. He became known as one of the greatest speakers of his era for scientific topics because he was considered a scientific authority.

Faraday's studies and inventions eventually led to some outstanding discoveries. These included the modern electric motor, the transformer and generators.

Today, the Royal Institution still holds some of the children lectures that Faraday began. He started the Christmas Lectures for Children and in modern times, the lectures continue to carry on the Michael Faraday legacy.


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Title :Adventures in CyberSound: Faraday, Michael
Description : An on-line, academic work that will research the history of radio and the related media services of telegraphy, telephony, facsimile, television, photography and cinema. The project will also develop an on-line resource centre based on the above research. The project will subsequently develop the document A Future for Radio? and a prototype interactive on-line broadcast radio service, A Radio for the Future?
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www.ideafinder.com/history/inventors/faraday.htm [Comment on this link]
Title :Inventor Michael Faraday
Description : Fascinating facts about Michael Faraday inventor of the electric motor, the dynamo, the transformer, and the generator.
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www.worldofbiography.com/9093%2DMichael%20Faraday/... [Comment on this link]
Title :Michael Faraday - World of Biography
Description : Life, Biography,Quotations,Chronology
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