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Johannes Freiherr von Mikulicz-Radecki ( 1850 - 1905 )  Category ( ) [suggest a correction]

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Title :Jan Mikulicz-Radecki (
Description : Jan Mikulicz-Radecki: Polish surgeon, born May 16, 1850, Czerniowce, Bukowina, Romania; died June 4, 1905, Wroclaw, Germany. His name is often given in the German form: Johannes Freiherr von Mikulicz-Radecki; born in Czernowitz, died in Breslau. Associated with: Heineke-Mikulicz pyloroplasty,Mikulicz's cells,Mikulicz's disease,Mikulicz's drain,Mikulicz's enterotome,Mikulicz's mask,Mikulicz's pad,Mikulicz's syndrome,Mikulicz-Vladimir operation,Sj
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