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Howard Pyle ( 1853 - 1911 )  Category ( Artists ) [suggest a correction]

Howard PyleBorn in 1853, Howard Pyle seemed destined to become an author and artist. As an illustrator, none during his era could compete with his dynamic stylings. But, more than this, Pyle was a teacher. One of his most famous pupils was N.C. Wyeth, the father of artist Andrew Wyeth and grandfather to third-generation artist, Jamie Wyeth.

Pyle was born near Wilmington, Delaware, and he was old enough to remember scenes from the Civil War. His memories of those days were fodder for his Harper's Monthly Magazine images in the early twentieth century. But, Pyle began his career much earlier. In 1876, Pyle moved to New York at the encouragement of Scribner's Magazine. At a time when it was customary and fashionable to study in Europe, Pyle had a strong conviction that students should seek their training and inspiration in America, so he went to New York and remained in America until 1910.

Many of Pyle's greatest pictures came from his intense and loyal interest in Americana. His renditions of the Revolutionary War period and of Civil War subjects have since become standard pictures in our history books, among them Woodrow Wilson's History of the American People, and James Truslow Adams' History of the United States.

But PYle also wrote poetry and adventure stories, and he illustrated those works as well. His work became so well known that students from throughout the country clamored to study with him. Already balding in his thirties, his students recalled a strong rich voice and animated facial expressions. "...he dove into his powerful imagination, and described to us what he saw in its depths...a wonderful word picture grew before us. He had gone so much deeper than we could, yet had such a sure grip on reality, and added mystery and beauty and feeling we hadn’t dreamed." wrote one of his students.

Pyle became involved with the Wyeth family as more than a tutor to N.C. His niece, Caroline, married N.C. Wyeth's son, the inventor Nathaniel, and they became parents to musician Howie Wyeth, or Howard Pyle Wyeth, Howard Pyle's namesake.

Pyle had a family of his own, and in In 1910 he moved them to Florence, Italy where he hoped to study and pursue the painting of murals. In November of 1911, he suddenly became ill and died of a kidney infection at the age of 58. His ashes were interred in Florence.

Image: Howard Pyle, unknown photographer Source: University of Pittsburgh Digital Library, Elizabeth Nesbitt Room.

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Title :Howard Pyle Biography
Description : An illustrated biography of Howard Pyle. One of 101 biographical pages for illustrators and artists.
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