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  is a directory of other biographies on the web. We allow comments on the links we supply, as well as an opportunity for you to rate these bio's. When you suggest a biography, you have the option of using our web based editor to enter a biography of your own. We receive numerous requests every day to add links Needless to say, most of the links have nothing to do with biographies and are generally discarded. If we miss your suggestion, please feel free to submit your biographies again for review.

    We also get a lot of requests for posting links on biography center. People are willing to pay a decent price for this however, we do not participate in this sort of activity. Please donít ask.

    The soul-purpose of biography center is to provide an index with biographies of famous / infamous people that exists on the internet today. If you have any questions about biography center, please visit our contact us page to obtain our email address.

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