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Charles Dickens, ( 1812 - 1870 )  Category ( Writers ) [suggest a correction]

He was a writer but he left behind a legacy that would not only carry over in his literary works but also in the very popular Charles Dickens Villages. Charles Dickens was born in 1812 and is perhaps better known today than he ever was in his lifetime.

Charles Dickens was born in Hampshire and one of eight children. Dickens spent a lot of time outside observing his surroundings and claimed to have a photographic memory of things that he had experienced and for people that he'd met. He stored all of life experiences to memory and later recalled them for fictional purposes to use in his writing.

When Dickens was a young child, his family was considered wealthy and he had the opportunity to attend the William Giles Chatham School. However, all good things came to an end when his father was sent to a debtor's prison and Charles was forced to go to work.

Charles went to work in a local factory to pay for room and board for his family. The factory work left an impression on Charles and he wasn't able to shake the horrific working conditions so he later wrote about them in David Copperfield.

Lucky for Charles Dickens, the family received a nice inheritance that allowed him to return to school. However, the time he spent at the factory would leave a forever scar etched deeply into his mind. Dickens went on to attend Wellington House Academy and was able to receive a good education.

Dickens eventually studied law and gained experience working as law clerk and later a stenographer. While he was working as a stenographer, he met the young woman Maria Beadnell who is believed to have been a first love interest for Charles.

1834 brought with it a new beginning for Dickens and he began to publish work for the Morning Chronicle. He married Catherine Thomas Hogarth and the couple had ten children. Charles Dickens was ready to begin his literary career. With character names like Oliver Twist and Ebenezer Scrooge, his novels became quite memorable for their plot development and their character development. The first novels of Charles Dickens were actually released in installments for journals like Household Words and others. Later, they would become novels in their own right.

The novels of Charles Dickens were widely accepted beginning with the first Dickens novel The Pickwick Papers which was published in 1837. Today, Charles Dickens continues to be one of the most well known English authors of all time. The collections of villages that have carried his name are displayed in households across the world along with his novels.

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Title :Charles Dickens - World of Biography
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