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Charles Robert Darwin ( 1809 - 1882 )  Category ( Scientists ) [suggest a correction]

Charles Robert Darwin, a famous British naturalist, demonstrated that life on earth evolves and developed a theory of natural selection to explain the evolutionary process. His ideas and writing are widely accepted by scientists today, but have always created controversy because it contradicts a literal interpretation of the bible.

Darwin was born on February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, Shropshire England. His father, Robert Darwin was a wealthy doctor and his mother was Susannah Wedgwood. Both the Darwins and the Wedgwoods were Unitarians rather than Anglicans and encouraged liberal thinking. nIn 1825, Darwin apprenticed with his father for a summer before attending the University of Edinburgh to study medicine. He quickly gave up on this area of study when he realized he had a strong revulsion to surgery, but soon after discovered his love of natural history.

Disappointed with his choice of studies, Darwin's father sent him to Christ's College, Cambridge, with the hope that he would become a clergyman and earn a decent salary. At Cambridge, Darwin met the Reverend John Stevens Henslow, professor of botany. Henslow influenced Darwin's interest in natural history and geology. He wrote a recommendation for Darwin to join Robert FitzRoy on the HMS Beagle voyage to South America.

The observations and collections of species Darwin made on the Beagle formed the foundation of his theories of evolution and natural selection. Over a period of five years, he collected fossils and living specimens and made very careful observations in his journal. Darwin also studied geology on his journey. He published his first paper upon his return to Cambridge, demonstrating the rising of the South American landmass. In 1837, he became a member of the Council of the Geographical Society and moved to London. He became a very prominent figure in the scientific community and took on a great amount of work. The pressure and stress caused him to have serious health problems that continued throughout his life.

Darwin married his cousin, Emma Wedgwood in 1839 and three years later, they moved into the countryside due to his health. Their daughter, Annie, also suffered health problems and eventually died at the age of ten. This death had a profound effect on Darwin, whose confidence in religion was already waning.

In 1859, Darwin finally published his landmark book outlining his theories, On the Origin of Species. The book was extremely popular and sold out immediately.

Despite the controversy generated by Darwin's ideas, when he died in 1882 he became one of only five non-royal people in the 19th century to be given a state burial. He was buried in Westminster Abbey alongside Sir Isaac Newton and John Herschel.

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