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Sir Donald Bradman ( 1908 - 2001 )  Category ( Athletes ) [suggest a correction]

Born in New South Wales in 1908, Donald Bradman was the youngest of George and Emily Bradman’s five children. From the time that he was a young child, Donald Bradman loved batting.

He invented a way to entertain himself by coming up with a solo cricket game where he used a golf ball and a stump. His solo game became one that would help him develop in ways that he never recognized until later on with the stump and ball practice perfecting his speed. At the age of twelve, Donald Bradman would cross over a phenomenal milestone when he reached his first century and scored over one hundred runs while playing cricket for Bowral Public School.

Donald Bradman would realize many career successes and easily gained the notoriety as one of the most prominent sports figures in Australian history. His career records includes a 99.94 test batting average and he is said to be one of the best if not the best, statistics in major sports.

Donald Bradman was a sports leader needed during the Great Depression His fan base never faltered and his fans followed him throughout a twenty-year career. He wasn’t always polite to the media and he was often viewed as controversial because of rocky relationships that ranged from teammates to the journalists who reported on his games.

A superstar in his own right, Donald Bradman married in 1932. At his wedding, uninvited guests looked on as they waited to see the great Donald Bradman marry. His honeymoon would be spent on a tour filled with cricket-playing opportunities.

In 1940, Bradman joined the Royal Australian Air Force. He would later be transferred to the Army and placed on lighter duty but it would soon be discovered that Bradman had poor eyesight and suffered from chronic pain, now widely accepted and recognized as fibromyalgia.

Donald Bradman would go on to tackle administrative positions within the game he adored as well as write passionately about it. He will forever be remembered as one of the greatest batsman of all time.

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