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James Wright ( 1716 - 1785 )  Category ( Politicians ) [suggest a correction]

James Wright was born in London in 1716. His father moved to South Carolina and he followed him. Soon, James Wright was practicing law in Charleston.

A wealthy man, James Wright accumulated property becoming a large plantation owner. He eventually returned to London where he represented South Carolina as a colony in 1757.

By May of 1760, Wright was named lieutenant to Governor Henry Ellis of Georgia. He made Savannah, Georgia his home. When Ellis resigned in 1761, James Wright became the appointed governor and began selling off his property acquisitions in South Carolina.

Replacing his South Carolina properties with acquired Georgia land, James Wright became a large property owner in the Savannah area. He acted as an active negotiator between Britain and the Indians while opening up new territories for further development.

James Wright soon found that he couldn't survive as he once had when the 1765 Stamp Act soon followed with an American Revolution. Georgia, with the more recent of loyal ties still connected firmly to London, remained loyal to the mother country. However, by 1775, a Revolution was in the heart and soul of most and several rebels took him prisoner.

When Wright escaped, he returned to England after a brief attempt to take the reins in Georgia left him a failure. He returned to Savannah in 1778 but his stay was brief when the Revolutionary War was lost and he was forced to return to England once more.

James Wright's property was taken in as seized property by the governing parties from South Carolina and Georgia. He died in 1785. James Wright will always be remembered as a governor and a large land owner who for a time was instrumental in developing the lands of South Carolina and Georgia.

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