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George Atwood ( 1745 - 1807 )  Category ( Mathematicians ) [suggest a correction]

George Atwood was born in 1745 but the exact month and day has always been in question by historians who study those people who have been instrumental in the world of mathematics. He was baptized in October of 1745 and assumed to have been born in Westminster.

Atwood attended the Westminster School and he earned a scholarship to Cambridge. After George Atwood graduated in 1769, he was the first Smith's prizeman. In 1776, it wasn't too surprising that he would become a tutor and soon be elected to the Royal Society of London as a fellow.

A dedicated mathematician, Atwood invented a machine. The purpose of the machine was to define and show the law of "uniformly accelerated motion" which is something that Atwood perfected.

George Atwood had a hobby and a passion in the game of chess. It was some of his chess games that would later be used for chess history documentation.

When Atwood left Cambridge, he was able to dedicate more time to his mathematical pursuits. Somewhere along the way, he became just as committed in his work within the realm of physics. In 1796, Atwood won the Copley Medal which is the oldest award presented to any individual by the Royal Society of London.

George Atwood died in 1807. A lunar crater soon carried his name in his honor.

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Title :Atwood summary
Description : George Atwood (1745-1807)
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