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Genghis Khan ( 1162 - 1227 )  Category ( Military_Persons ) [suggest a correction]

Genghis Khan's history is based on facts as well as a lot of dramatic fiction. For one reason, there were few records to support all documented beliefs about the leader and that begins with accurate birth and death dates. What is known, or at least widely believed as factual, is that his father was murdered when he was a child around nine or ten years old and his mother was left behind to care for her son.

Khan was also known as Temujin. He was raised in an era that was a difficult time to live in and included many battles, some of which he planned and orchestrated. He was a nomad and considered from a noble, if not royal, family. He grew up in the very volatile climate of Mongolia which made survival a daily existence and Khan's ongoing reality.

The legacy of Genghis Khan is one that allows historians to believe that he lived in an era where he had to give up some of his power piece by piece in order to live peaceably among his allies. However, Genghis Khan is often recalled by historians for various conquests including the Conquest of the Xia Dynasty and the Conquest of the Jin Dynasty. He died, or so it is believed, in 1227.

Genghis Khan was one of the greatest warriors of his time. Through his efforts and because of his military intelligence, Khan was able to help trade pass through the Central Asia area with some level of security knowing the area had been cleared of those who would mean to enforce ill will. Thus, China and other parts of the world could be introduced to the wares of the day because of the law and order that Khan and his men enforced.

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Title :Genghis Khan - World of Biography
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