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April Macie ( 1974 - )  Category ( Comedians ) [suggest a correction]

It's hard to think of Easton, PA as a funny place, but it has served comedian April Macie well -- as has her family.

"Bad parents are the gift that keeps on giving," Macie has said.

Born September 30, 1974, the red-haired Macie has three attributes that flow together into a very marketable comic persona -- good looks, the willingness to be outrageous and a knack for making herself the butt of jokes.

"I like to play the victim," she says.

Of her earlier career as a Hooter's waitress, for example, Macie says: "There's nothing sexy about smelling like wing sauce."

Macie said she originally went into comedy as a release from family dysfunction.

"What's funny if someone is like, 'Yup, grew up with money, white picket fence and homemade pudding in the fridge'? Homemade pudding just ain't funny. What's funny is gettin' a beatin' from the puddin' spoon."

Macie bills her act as "a behind-the-scenes look at womens' views on sex." It is a shtick that has taken her from small town clubs to larger venues such as the Laugh Factory, the Improv, and the Comedy Store.

Her first national break came on Season Four of the reality show "Last Comic Standing," when she made it to Episode Five before being bounced. Interestingly, she is best remembered by fans of the show for an act of chivalrism by fellow comic Joey Gay, who refused to heckle Macie when they paired off to try to disrupt each other's routines.

Not surprisingly, Macie has also formed an alliance with Howard Stern, appearing on his show and earning his vote as "The Hottest, Funniest Female Comedian."

Last winter, Macie and Christina Pazsitzky teamed up for a "Naughty and Sorta Nice" tour.

"There is nothing better than making a roomful of people laugh," Macie says.

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