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Paul McCartney ( 1942 - )  Category ( Musicians ) [suggest a correction]

Paul McCartney. Just say the name out loud and see how many heads you turn in a crowded public area. He is a surviving member of the legendary band The Beatles and everyone knows who he is. He has become a living legend and really owned that honor from the moment that The Beatles became an extraordinary household name.

Paul McCartney is credited with being one of the founding members of the band along with claiming ownership to large accomplishments such as selling over 100 million single titles, being dubbed as the Guinness World Book of Records most successful music composer while laying claim to sixty gold discs.

McCartney's song Yesterday has been played over 7,000,000 times on the radio and television. He was also The Beatles member that announced publicly in April of 1970 that The Beatles were officially calling it quits. McCartney never did.

His career has only been a series of highs, no pun intended. Yes, as a Beatles band member, it is hard to ignore the fact that drug use was dominant in his life but so were various positives. His love for his wife Linda being a highlight until he lost her to breast cancer in 1998.

Paul McCartney was as much of The Beatles as the Beatles were instilled in him. Even though he had differences of opinions with John Lennon, McCartney never failed to appreciate the lifelong friendship that he had with another Beatle; George Harrison or to treasure the time they had. He appeared in 2007 with fellow former Beatles member Ringo Starr where they promoted the "Revolution" Lounge in Las Vegas.

From Pre-Game NFL Super Bowl performances to the Liverpool Sound Music Festival, Paul McCartney is a stand alone performer as much as he is a member of the legendary group The Beatles. He is a living musical legend.

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