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Giacomo Albanese ( 1890 - 1948 )  Category ( Mathematicians ) [suggest a correction]

Born near Palermo, Italy on 11 July 1890, Giacomo Albanese was an Italian mathematician who was known for his work in algebraic geometry. He graduated from school in Palermo in 1909, then entered the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa as a student of mathematics and received his doctorate in 1913. Albanese received the 'Ulisse Dini' prize for his doctoral dissertation, Sistemi continui di curve sopra una superficie algebrica, or, Continuous systems of curves on an algebraic surface.

Ulisse Dini was the director of the Scola Normale Superiore during the time Albanese studied there, but he also gave lectures on infinitesimal calculus, which Albanese attended. Another of his teachers at the School was Eugenio Bertini, who was a leading researcher in algebraic geometry. Albanese undertook research for his doctorate under Bertini's supervision. Following the award of his doctorate, Albanese was appointed as Dini's assistant at Pisa. However, Dini died in 1918, and following his death Albanese became an assistant to Onorato Nicoletti, an expert in the theory of Hermitian forms who took over Dini's courses on infinitesimal calculus after his death.

From 1913 to 1919, as well as his position as assistant, Albanese lectured at the Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa but he was given leave for military service during the years 1917-18. He returned to his position in Pisa at the end of World War I, but in 1919 he moved to Padua to become Francesco Severi's assistant. Although he was only to serve in this post for a few months it was to have a very significant effect both on the direction of his research and on his research output which increased markedly.

Albanese left Padua in 1920 to take up a professorship in analysis and algebra at the Naval Academy in Livorno, which he had won after a competition. Five years later he moved to the University of Catania, where he was appointed to the chair of Projective and Descriptive Geometry. From 1929 until 1936 he held the chair of geometry at Pisa, a position which he could have continued to occupy for the rest of his life but he was sent to Brazil in 1936 in a movement to establish universities in that country.

The University of São Paulo was founded in 1934 and professors were brought there from France, Italy and Germany as well as some other European countries. Albanese spent the rest of his life in São Paulo, holding the chair of Analytical, Projective and Descriptive Geometry, except for the year 1942, when he returned to Pisa because of World War II. Albanese returned to Brazil by the end of that war and spent the rest of his life in São Paulo. He died there on 8 June 1948.

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Title :Albanese summary
Description : Giacomo Albanese (1890-1948)
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