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Bruce Willis ( 1955 - )  Category ( Actor_Actress ) [suggest a correction]

Bruce Willis was born in 1955 in Germany. His father was an American soldier which may be one of the reasons that Willis still actively supports the military today.

Bruce Willis is best known for his role as John McClain in the popular Die Hard movies. However, he is often mentioned whenever his ex-wife Demi Moore is written about or followed around by the paparazzi. Moore and Willis also have three daughters and share custody of their children.

Considered one of the highest grossing movie stars of all time, Willis is ranked sixth on the list of lead actors bringing in the big bucks. He also falls in at number eight with his supporting film roles.

Winning many awards and securing nominations for his acting abilities, in 2000 he won an Emmy for his Outstanding Guest Actor appearance on the popular television series Friends. Not bad for a man who began his career signing with a band called Loose Goose.

Willis has three siblings and as the oldest, never had plans to attend college right after high school. He went to work at the DuPont Chambers Works in New Jersey right after graduation and soon left to pursue other interests. He joined an R&B Band (Loose Goose) and enrolled in Montclair State University where he performed in the school production Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Willis soon found more experience in Heaven and Earth, an off-Broadway production followed by Fool for Love. Willis soon secured a role in Moonlighting after appearing in Miami Vice and Levi's commercials. Then, Hollywood came knocking and Willis earned his big break playing opposite Kim Basinger in Blind Date. He was on his way.

By the time Willis secured his role in Die Hard, he was well-known. However, nothing could prepare him for the fame that the movie series would bring him or the popularity that he would suddenly own.

Today, Bruce Willis is a successful businessman, sought-after actor, and a man who defiantly has his own political voice. He has been involved with accusations of a conspiracy theory in the JFK Assassination and believes that today, those same people backing the JFK Assassination hold powerful positions in American politics.

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