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Konrad Zuse ( 1910 - 1995 )  Category ( Inventors ) [suggest a correction]

Konrad Zuse was a mathematician who used his imagination and his knowledge to build what was called the Z3 machine. It was his machine that was a pre-war invention that would be undervalued at the time. It was also this computer that would be completely destroyed during the war.

Zuse's computer was the first functional program-controlled electromechanical digital computer on the planet. It was a binary computer and the bombs during the war ultimately destroyed the original design. However, it would later become quite significant in history.

Konrad Zuse went on to build other machines. However, the Nazi leaders weren't interested in his machines and didn't support his inventions or other endeavors. Still, the Z3 was the machine that Zuse built that allowed him to earn the respect of others in his field.

Zuse was extremely smart. He went to school at the Technical University in Berlin before he went to work as a design engineer for aircraft. By 1935, he had graduated with a civil engineering degree.

Konrad remained in Berlin until 1945. He created other computers and machines even after his original was destroyed. However, the first machine that he built was reconstructed in 1960 because of its historical significance. It is now displayed in Munich in the German Museum.

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Title :Zuse summary
Description : Konrad Zuse (1910-1995)
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