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George Babcock ( 1832 - 1893 )  Category ( Inventors ) [suggest a correction]

George Babcock was born into a family of inventors. Born in Unadilla Forks in New York, the family decided to move to Brooklyn in 1860. Once they moved, George was able to begin taking classes at the Cooper Institute.

George, possessing the innovative mind of an inventor and the hands of a mechanic, went to work for Mystic Iron Works during the Civil War. He put to use what he learned at Cooper and built ships for the US Government.

After the war, he took a position with Rhode Island's Hope Iron Works in Providence. He teamed up with Stephen Wilcox and together they began working on concepts that would help improve boiler designs.

Receiving a patent in 1867, Babcock and Wilcox began their business venture and soon the company was incorporated. Forming one of the most well respected multinational energy corporations on the planet, Babcock and Wilcox was founded on hard work and dedication and today has a prominent history behind the corporation.

The Babcock and Wilcox boilers were once spoken of by Thomas Edison who eloquently wrote about the men and their product by stating that their boiler was the "best boiler that God has permitted man yet to make" and it must remain so today.

While George Babcock wasn't inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame until 1997, his invention has been one that could never be ignored. Today, the boilers of Babcock and Wilcox are still a primary unit of operation at McDermott International which is an energy services company of worldwide proportions.

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