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Aleksandr Karelin ( 1967 - )  Category ( Athletes ) [suggest a correction]

Aleksandr Karelin was born in 1967 and weighed in at fifteen pounds so perhaps from the cradle, his destiny was already decided. Aleksandr Karelin would become one of the most widely respected and well known athletes in Russia. He would go on to become a Greco-Russian wrestler and secure gold medal wins for his country and no one should've been surprised.

Karelin is most well known for his body lift moves and his strength in orchestrating the techniques that he uses in the world of wrestling. His "Karelin lift" was one that was able to earn him quick points in the ring making him harder to conquer for opposing athletes.

Aleksandr Karelin isn't just a Russian athlete though his athletic accomplishments have certainly been remarkable. Karelin has a Ph.D. in physical education and is an active voice in his country's politics. A member of the United Russian political party, he holds a seat in the State Duma.

The "Russian Bear" is what he is known as to his athletic circle of fans. He won the Olympic gold medal in 1988, 1992, and the 1996 Olympic Games. He holds some impressive records including one astonishing record. From 1987 until 2000, Karelin was undefeated. It was finally an American who defeated him in the 2000 Summer Olympics.

Dubbed as the "Experiment" some believed that Karelin had to be some sort of scientific experiment but he assured the media by crediting his skill to his dedicated training program. Karelin retired from wrestling as a competitive sport in 2000.

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