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Patricia Mccormick ( 1930 - )  Category ( Athletes ) [suggest a correction]

You may actually know Patricia McCormick today as Kelly McCormick's mother. However, Patricia McCormick was once a tremendous diver before becoming the mother of an Olympic diver.

Patricia was born in 1930 and she became a diver to be reckoned with once she entered into the Summer Olympics. She was able to compete in two consecutive Summer Olympics in 1952 and 1956 where she brought home the gold, not once or twice but an overwhelming four times!

To date, Patricia McCormick's victories have only been matched once. Greg Louganis, a male diver, was able to tackle the feat of "double-double" victories. However, the fact that Patricia McCormick was able to claim her victories in the Melbourne Olympics only eight months after the birth of her son speaks volumes for McCormick.

Today, Patricia McCormick's margin of victory still stands as one of the most remarkable in the Olympics history. Her margin of victory in the 1956 Olympics was one with more than 16 points which earned her immediate respect among her fellow divers.

Patricia McCormick is also the mother of Olympic diver Kelly McCormick who competed in the 1984 and the 1988 Olympics. However, Patricia will forever be remembered as one of the greatest women divers to ever live. She will also be remembered for her double-double victories in women's diving.

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