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Herbie Blash ( 1948 - )  Category ( Auto_Racing ) [suggest a correction]

He was always an advocate of great racing so it shouldn't have been a surprise when the young Michael "Herbie" Blash decided to join the RRC Walking Racing Team. After all, he had grown up with a watchful eye on the track.

After he joined the RRC team, he was able to get up close and personal with Jo Siffert and Jo Bonnier which made Herbie Blash hard to ignore. By the time he was twenty years old; he joined Team Lotus and became Graham Hill's mechanic. The next year he was affiliated with Jochen Rindt and he was well on his way in the world of racing.

Herbie's association with Jochen allowed him to meet Bernie Ecclestone who was Rindt's manager. After Rindt's death in the early part of the seventies, Herbie took over a key management position with Lotus after he had taken the initiative to align himself with people in racing who could make things happen for him.

Eventually, Herbie Blash's differences of opinion with Colin Chapman would cause a Blash-initiated walk-out with fellow employees in 1971. Fortunately for Blash, Ecclestone would go on to hire him to run his F2 program on his newly acquired Brabham team.

With Brabham in his corner, by 1973 Herbie was the F1 Team Manager and during the time that he had the lead, the team accumulated an outstanding twenty-two wins. In 1981 and again in 1983, Nelson Piquet won the Drivers World Championship. Herbie was leading the company to victory.

Later in life, Herbie Blash continues to thrive with success always evident. He was asked to take a position with Yamaha and he secured the position of Yamaha's Sporting Director. Today, he is over the company's Activa division.

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