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Pat Fry ( 1964 - )  Category ( Auto_Racing ) [suggest a correction]

He was born in 1964 and grew up in a London suburb of what is known as Shepperton. He would soon begin an engineering career that would set his life in motion headed down a road into the realms of racing. Pat Fry was an engineer who graduated in 1981 and began working with an innovative missile program. However, racing is where he would ultimately find his dream career.

While Pat was working for Thorn EMI on their missile program, he began working on motorbike suspension systems in his off-time. He was bored with his career so he decided to join the Benetton Formula One team in 1987. Soon, he was able to work on the suspension systems within the electronic department that he set up.

In 1991, he moved into research and development while fitting into the role of the test team engineer. 1992 brought with it yet another position and title when he took the reins to become the race engineer.

In 1993, Pat Fry joined McLaren where he developed and ran a test team using the active suspension car that he designed. 1995 moved Pat into the race engineering division at McLaren and in 2002, he was promoted to chief engineer within the company. He is working on the 2007 car and he is currently in the role of chief engineer of the MP4-22 car.

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