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Hilary Duff ( 1987 - )  Category ( Actor_Actress ) [suggest a correction]

Hilary Duff is the girl-next-door and she has capitalized on her good looks, sweet innocence and vocal talent without a second thought. She's become an entrepreneurial spirit and used her brains and her name to capture an enormous share of a marketplace that belongs to Hilary Duff.

Born in 1987 in Houston, Texas; Hilary Duff's father was the owner of convenience store chains. Hilary and her sister began acting at a young age. They acted in local theatrical performances before their mother moved them to California where television commercials offered the girls a step into the limelight.

Supporting roles and small acting parts soon led Hilary to the role that would change her life. As Lizzie McGuire, Duff joined the Disney Channel and Lizzie McGuire became a recognizable name among teenage girls.

After phenomenal success as an actress playing the lead role in Lizzie McGuire, Hilary Duff quickly earned success in film as well. Agent Cody Banks was her first feature film in 2003 and she was one of the "dozen" in Cheaper by the Dozen later that same year.

Soon Hilary Duff was big business just as much as Lizzie McGuire. Her music career took off with many of her teenage fan base following her into the realms of music as well. Sold out concerts and events were typical for Duff.

Today, Hilary Duff still continues to enjoy fame and success. However, as with many young stars today, she isn't out of reach from media scrutiny. Hilary Duff's every move is of particular interest to the media ensuring that the public will continue to hear about Hilary Duff for many years to come.

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Title :Hilary Duff
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