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Marcus Antonius Jansen ( 1968 - -99999 )  Category ( ) [suggest a correction]

Marcus Jansen was born in Manhattan NY and spent his first years in the Bronx and Long Island, he began his artistic career as a commercial painter in Moenchengladbach Germany where he later spent his life. He managed to transform himself from a soldier in the first Gulf War to becoming an intenationally saught after painter. Jansen could be classified as an American or German painter. Having worked primarily from the United States for the last ten years, Jansen holds dual nationality and is billingual. During his eight years of military career as Sergeant, he was stationed in places such as Southwest and Southeast Asia. Over the last decade, his paintings have become often political and social commentary and question the current transitions in the world today. Jansen delivers a distorted reality using often urban settings as his stage to communicate to his audience. His work can be found in permanent collections such as the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMOMA), Russia, The National Taiwan Museum of Fine Art in Taiwan and recently the Kemper Museum of Contemporary Art, in Kansas. Jansen gained first public attention for his For Motor Company commission where he joined the names of Diego Rivera that previously also were commissioned by the company. Shortly after, he moved to Florida, where other painters such as Robert Rauschenberg resided. Professor Jerome Allan Donson wrote about Jansen's work in his forword to Jansen's book in 2006. Donson is the author of the American Vanguad Exhibitions in Europe 1961 and directed various international exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) and The Guggenheim New York. He has worked closely with action painters such as Jackson Pollock, Jasper Johns, Willem de Kooning, Robert Rauschenberg, Oskar Kokoshka and Franz Kline.

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Title :Marcus Antonius Jansen
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